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John Kistler of Minnesota

John Kistler of Minnesota Believes Home Sharing is the Solution to Overcrowding in Many Major Cities

A leader in restoration and preservation projects in northern cities, John Kistler of Minneapolis has worked on a range of historic properties and multi-family buildings in his career. An expert in the real estate and home-sharing industries, he explains below how Airbnb and similar companies can help tackle the problem of overcrowding in major cities. […]

John Kistler of Minneapolis

John Kistler of Minneapolis Provides Four Key Rules for Any Home Improvement Project

In Minnesota, preservationists like John Kistler of Minneapolis ensure the historic architecture that defined the state’s neighborhoods is protected and restored to its finest quality. An accomplished restoration expert, Kistler shares a few of the most important rules for home improvers to keep in mind when working on independent projects. John Kistler of Minneapolis has been at the […]

John Kistler of Minneapolis Explains How Home Sharing Draws in Tourism and Solves Overcrowding

For decades, John Kistler of Minneapolis has been instrumental in the restoration and preservation of historic properties and multi-family buildings. Attuned to the real estate and home sharing industries, he explains how companies like Airbnb have a positive impact beyond what’s apparent on the surface. John Kistler of Minneapolis has overseen restoration projects in his home state where […]

John Kistler - Minnesota Restores Old Properties

John Kistler of Minnesota Restores Old Properties to Preserve Their Significance and Historical Value

John Kistler is a Minnesota native who is passionate about the state’s rich history, especially its many historic properties that face demolition as cities grow to accommodate more citizens. Over the years, John Kistler of Minnesota has helped rescue many notable properties in the area including the Oakland Apartments and the Eugene J. Carpenter house. Growing up in […]